You can enjoy learning sign language anytime, anywhere.

Learning with courses and drills

With an internet connection, you can learn sign language in a structured way, anytime, anywhere at your own pace.

The drills help you memorize words and phrases as if you were playing a game.

You can learn from professional sign language instructors.

Signs I/O's instructors are all Deaf native Japanese Sign Language (JSL) signers who belong to NPO Japanese Sign Language Teachers Center (JSLTC).

Signs I/O employs the Natural Approach Method, which immerses you in learning sign language by using sign language, with as little reference to spoken language as possible.

Sign language instructors with diverse backgrounds

  • Hitomi Akahori
  • Hideya Terasawa
  • Akira Morita
  • Takeshi Noguchi
  • Kosuke Ono
  • Uiko Yano
  • Yoshiko Onodera
  • Hosana Ito
  • Toshio Onodera
  • Azusa Fukumitsu
  • Yumiko Kawai
  • Fumie Shimojo

You can build up your own sign language dictionary.

My Dictionary

As you keep learning, the signs that you have learned will be registered in My Dictionary. You can feel motivated by watching your own progress as more and more signs are registered.

You can learn many things about Deaf people.

Video Story

By watching video stories, you can learn not only about sign language, but also about the culture, life, and history of Deaf and hard of hearing people.

All video stories have subtitles. You can understand them even if you don't know sign language.

The video stories are posted also on YouTube. Subscribe to the Signs I/O YouTube channel, and watch new ones as soon as they are available.

Who is behind Signs I/O?

Signs I/O has a number of highly qualified advisers such as Kazumi Matsuoka (professor at Keio University who has experience in working on a sign language TV program), Nobue Kobayashi (Deaf native signer and instructor of JSLTC) and the Outsourcing Business Service Co, WP group.

Sponsors and Affiliated Organizations

Japanese Sign Language Teachers Center